MetaMask Ethereum Wallet

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet that is used through a Google Chrome Extension. This wallet gets installed directly into Google Chrome and is used within the browser. MetaMask is currently one of the better ways to get testnet Ethereum tokens into ThreeBx. This document will briefly outline the process of setting up a wallet and filling it with some testnet coins. Once the wallet has testnet Ethereum, you can send them into ThreeBx.

1. Install MetaMask

Step one is making sure you have Google Chrome. Once Google Chrome is installed, visit to install the MetaMask extension.

2. Create new wallet

Once the MetaMask extension has been installed, open the application by clicking the fox icon in the top right corner of the browser. Create a wallet by following the on screen steps. This will take you through the process of creating a recovery seed and password.

3. Configure the Application for Testnet

Since ThreeBx are using testnet coins within, we will want to configure the wallet to use the testnet network. Currently, we are using the Ropsten Test Network. Click the network dropdown in the top left corner of the extension and select "Ropsten Test Net." Once MetaMask is configured to use the test network instead of the main network, we are ready to use the faucet.

4. Fund Account With Testnet Faucet

Select the "BUY" button within the MetaMask extension. This will take you to a view that has a "Ropsten Test Faucet" button in the "Select Service" section. Click the faucet button. The MetaMask Ether Faucet webpage will appear and display the faucet address, faucet balance, your user address, and your balance for your wallet. Within the "faucet" section, click "request 1 ether from faucet". Once the transaction is successful, you will see a new transaction ID appear at the bottom of the page. This will be the transaction ID for the requested testnet Ether.

5. Enjoy Your Ether!

Once your transaction is successful, the testnet Ether should appear in your MetaMask wallet. Sending the coin to your ThreeBx Ethereum wallet is pretty simple after the testnet Ethereum has appeared within your wallet. Select the "Send" button within the MetaMask extension and input your ThreeBx Ethereum address (, the amount you wish to send, and press "next." Once you are on your confirmation page, make sure that your Gas Price is greater than 0 (1 or 2 GWEI) and press "Submit." Once the transaction is submitted and confirmed, it will appear in your transaction history. You will be able to track the transaction using a testnet block explorer. Once the transaction is successful, you should see the testnet Ethereum within your ThreeBx account!