A wallet is just a collection of things that allow you to spend cryptocurrency. Typically, a wallet includes a public address and private key. The wallet's public address allows others to send you cryptocurrency and the wallet's private key allows you to spend it.

Within ThreeBx, your wallet's address is accessed by pressing the "Deposit" button. This will bring up an address and a QR code--the QR code is just an encoded and scannable version of your address. Anytime you or someone else wants to send coins to your ThreeBx wallet, this will be the address that should be used.

NOTE: Each cryptocurrency will have a different wallet which means each cryptocurrency will have a different public address. It is important to check to make sure you are sending coins to the correct wallet. It is also very important to know what version of ThreeBx you are on. Sending real Bitcoin to our testnet version (testnet.threebx.com) will result in a loss of your real cryptocurrency. Please make sure that you are using our faucets for deposits within the testnet version.