Minimum and Maximum Display Prices

When creating an offer, you have the option of setting a minimum and maximum price for the marketplace. This feature allows you to restrict when your offer is visible to other users. If the market value of the asset you are listing drops below your set minimum or goes above the set maximum, the offer will be hidden from the marketplace. This is one tool that can be used to protect your assets from a loss. One example is if you bought Ethereum at $600.00 and you set the minimum listing price at $601.00. This limit would ensure that your offer is only shown to the public when it guarantees a profit. 

These field are optional so you can set a minimum or a maximum market value or leave both fields blank. If a field is left empty, the offer will always be shown in that range. Setting a minimum and no maximum means that the offer will be visible only if the market value is above the minimum limit set. Additionally, if no limits are set, the offer will always be available in the marketplace.

NOTE: Limits are based off the current market value and not the price of your offer. This means that the visibility of the asset in the marketplace is based on the original market value before any price margins have been applied.