Minimum Trade Amounts

Minimum Trade amounts allow users to restrict how much buyers can purchase. This means that if you set a limit of 1 ZEC, a buyer can purchase a minimum of 1 ZEC at a time. This value can be set to encourage different types of trades. If this value is left blank, we will default to the smallest amount tradable in our system for that specific coin. For more information about these limits, please visit our Fees and Limits page.

If you post an offer and the amount left in the offer drops below your minimum trade amount, your offer will get pulled from the marketplace. For example, if your offer is active and only has 0.045 BTC left with a minimum trade amount of 1 BTC, your offer will no longer be valid and therefore the offer will be stopped. You will get a notification that an offer has been stopped for this reason and the remaining funds will become available in your wallets. You will not be charged any fees for canceled offers.