The testnet version of ThreeBx ( uses faucets to facilitate deposits into the system. Because the ThreeBx testnet version uses a combination of Regression Test and Testnet coins, we have provided a simple page to provide the appropriate faucets. The faucet for our testnet version is located at Use this for all deposits in the testnet version of ThreeBx! 


What is a Faucet?

A faucet just sends cryptocurrency and will either creates new coins, in the case of the Regression Test network, or send it from an internal wallet. All of the coins created or sent by these faucets are just for testing and experimenting with and have no value.

How to use the ThreeBx Faucet page

faucet page

Most of our coins have faucets that are controlled internally on a private network. Using the ThreeBx faucet for these coins is as easy as selecting the type of coin you wish to send, inputting your ThreeBx wallet address associated with that coin, and entering the amount of coin you wish to receive! Here are steps to get your coins:

Step 1

Get your wallet address associated with the coin by going to Dashboard -> Wallets -> Deposit (Under the currency you want to receive) and copy the wallet address.

Step 2

Go to the faucet link and select the currency you want to receive.

Step 3

Paste your wallet code from Step 1 to the “Wallet to refill” box, and 

type the amount you need in the “Amount to send” box.

Step 4

Click the “Send Coins!” button and the amount should be added to your wallet.

For other coins not listed in the dropdown menu on the faucet page, we will have external third-party faucets listed at the bottom of the page. These faucets are connected to the testnet associated with each coin. Since we do not control these networks and they are associated with a real blockchain being validated by real nodes, there will be a slight delay in getting deposits into your account. But, the process is nearly the same. Click the link, enter your ThreeBx wallet address for that coin into the address field, and press the confirm button. Once the transaction has been generated, you will be able to track it with a testnet block explorer (these aren't being used for our internal regtest coins). Once the transaction has a single confirmation, the deposit will show as pending in your wallet. After the transaction gets 6 confirmations, it will be successful in your account and you will be able to use it within ThreeBx.

Testnet Block Explorers

For the testnet coins in our system, you can track the transactions through a block explorer. Currently, the two testnet coins we support are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash. A good block explorer for Bitcoin is, a good block explorer for Litecoin is and for Dash (with a valid address in the url). These services will allow you to track how many confirmations your transaction has. Again, the other coins do not have block explorers available for them.

ThreeBx Withdrawals

In the testnet version of ThreeBx, the withdrawal feature can be tested with the use of appropriate wallets. All withdrawals will function exactly as expected when sending the coins to an internal wallet (another wallet within the testnet version of ThreeBx). For withdrawals to outside wallets, use testnet addresses for Bitcoin and Litecoin. Transactions to external regtest networks will not work as our coins are on private networks used for testing.

For any additional questions regarding our testnet version of ThreeBx, feel free to contact us!