Becoming verified on ThreeBx is quick and easy

We have several verification tiers that allow withdrawal limits to be higher

Please review our verification tiers and see which one works best for you:

Unverified Users 

  • Unverified users will not be able to deposit or interact with the market place. To be eligible to deposit into your account’s wallets or interact with the marketplace, please verify your phone number. 

Users With Phone Verification

  • Users that have only verified their phone number will be able to deposit into their wallets and interact with the marketplace. With only phone verification complete, you will be able to withdraw roughly 2 BTC daily. To raise limits on withdrawals, complete the document verification. 

Users With Advanced Verification

  • Users that have completed the identification document verification will be allowed to withdraw 100 BTC from the system daily. For higher limits, please contact us at and inquire about this process. 

Please Note: For digital assets other than BTC, we place limits roughly equivalent to the above values.